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Green Cleaning in Racine, WI



People are finally becoming more aware of the chemicals they are using to clean their homes. A few decades ago, people gave very little thought to what they used to clean. Phosphates went into the dishwasher and washing machine, which worked very well as a degreaser, but has wreaked havoc on plant life in aquatic environments. Hard surfaces and floors were cleaned with powerful detergents that came in aerosol cans, which contributed to greenhouse gas emissions and damaging the ozone layer. It hasn't been until more recently that people began realizing the harsh impact their cleaning regiments had on Mother Earth and began using Green Cleaning in Racine, WI products.


What Are Green Cleaning Products?

Essentially, these products are ones that don't contribute to damaging the environment. The environment in your home and the environment of the earth are both easily upset, and Green Cleaning in Racine, WI products work by using gentle substances in order to provide the same results as some previous generations' harsh chemicals. These products are typically non-toxic and non-corrosive. They are also often fragrance free or naturally scented (think lavender, lemon, lime, salt) in order to be less harsh.


Do Environmentally Friendly Products Really Work?

Some consumers who are committed to some of their old-school cleaners will argue that Green Cleaning in Racine, WI aren't as effective. This actually isn't the case. Environmentally friendly products might not be as harsh, but they often provide the same antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of other harsh chemicals without the damage to the environment. Green products provide gentle cleaning with pleasant fragrances that just aren't possible with other harsh chemical cleansers.


Green Cleaning in Racine, WI products have become more and more popular over the past few years. People are more conscious of not only what they are putting into their bodies, but the environments their bodies are in. This is why natural and green cleansers and environmentally friendly products are gaining more of a following. They are better for the environment and better for you.

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