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Pleasant Prairie, WI Floor Care Is Something We Pride Ourselves On

 Every home, of course, has floors. Some of these floor systems, such as in your kitchen and bathrooms, are hard surface coverings. This will include tile, Linoleum, Marble and many other rolled or jointed surfaces. Many of these will have grout lines and, therein lay some of the problems in  Pleasant Prairie, WI floor care, keeping them clean and sanitary. Other flooring is carpets and/or rugs which take different processes for maintaining their cleanliness and for any deep cleaning that is needed.

Our trained professional cleaners provide basic maintenance cleaning during each visit. For hard surface floors, this takes the form of sweeping, either with a dust mop or broom on the hard surface floors. This is to remove dust, dirt and debris that is usually fairly easy to see. The tools and supplies they use will brought in so they will be using ours, not yours.

Mopping this floor will take place right after the dry process of sweeping. This will enable any of the unseen dirt and dust to be picked up. Depending on the surface, the mopping will be carried out by a string or sponge mop. This selection will also be affected by the presence of grout lines and their depth. Periodic scrubbing of these hard surfaces will be conducted at your discretion based on our recommendations.

Carpets and rugs will be vacuumed on a regular basis. Carpet cleaning will be scheduled to deep clean these coverings. Water extraction systems are our preferred method of Floor care as this gets deep into the pile and emulsifies the dirt, dust and allergens. This water/cleanser solution is forced deep into the carpet while brushes agitate the fiber to release all contaminates and is then is vacuumed up to remove these dangerous elements from your home. We are your Pleasant Prairie, WI floor care specialists.


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