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Top 5 holiday Cleaning tips for a dazzling home Racine WI 53406



Top 5 holiday cleaning tips for a dazzling clean home! Racine WI 53406
With the holidays just around the corner there are many preparations that need to be made to get the house sparkling clean and ready for the celebrations. Weather its setting up a dinner table or being prepared to tackle wine or cranberry sauce stains on carpets, it’s always important to be prepared and showcase every inch of your home to greet your guests with a warm welcome. These top 5 holiday cleaning tips will not only help you minimize the mess but dazzle your home and make you the perfect party host.
Clean odors mean clean home. Greet your guests from the moment they step in with a fresh holiday aroma. You can spread this aroma throughout your home by using candles or even simple things like using a scented dish soap or counter top cleaner. Another way is to use carpet deodorant on all carpet areas in the house including the door mats. This will give a warm and clean feeling to anyone who steps foot in your home. Perhaps its a good idea to know if any of your guests are allergic or dislike strong scents. Otherwise a few great ones are pine, cranberry pie and cinnamon. 
Make glass sparkle! Have you ever realized how much glass or reflective surfaces surround your home? How often do you clean these areas?  Dust and debris is one of the main contaminants to glass surfaces. You can minimize this by cleaning all reflective and glass surfaces with a window cleaning spay and a microfiber cloth. This should do the trick!
Closet clutter. Make room in the closet for bulky coats. Perhaps add extra hangers to organize things. A good way to keep a good smelling closet is to hang a deodorant air freshener tucked in the corner.  Dont forget to have a designated area for snow boots!
Germ free zone. Cleaning and disinfecting door knobs, appliances and all sorts of handles can also eliminate the spread of germs during this winter season.  A healthy home starts by having good cleaning habits. Sanitizing and using disinfectants with pleasant aromas will not only get rid of germs but also help freshen up any home.
     **Party tip**- Holiday scented hand sanitizers make really good stocking stuffers or party favors.
Restroom pizzas. If you will be hosting a party, make sure you pay close attention to your restroom. Stock up on toilet paper and invest on a good air freshener. Scented hand soaps or hand wash will make a huge difference. Keep a small scented lotion at hand as well as clean towels for drying hands.  This will not only stimulate your guests to wash their hands but will also keep the room smelling clean.
Time is ticking and the holidays will soon be upon us. if you still dont find time to clean dont worry! theres many professionals who can help you with the cleaning. Here is a link to a local cleaning company who can rid you from the stress of cleaning. 
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