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We Employ Pleasant Prairie, WI Green Cleaning Chemicals And Processes

 For every task or chore, around your house, there is Pleasant Prairie, WI green cleaning techniques that our professional cleaners are trained in. Just because you take advantage of our experts does not mean you must abandon your love of the environment or create toxic mixes of harsh compounds in your house. This is the home you and your family spend time in. The children or grand kids play on the floor and especially like to wallow around on the carpet.

The kitchen, bathrooms and even the bedrooms are the places to which bacteria, germs and all sorts of allergens are attracted. The idea, and we follow this exactingly, is to remove dangerous contamination and not contribute any more. Unless it is absolutely necessary, we have eliminated non environmentally safe compounds.

We do this because of the kids and the environment. They are always playing on the floor and touching everything in sight. Why should you allow them to have something in their hand, or mouth, that can be toxic to them as many of the commercially available products are?

The best sanitizing agent there has ever been is still plenty of fresh, cold water. Using optical brighteners and just the right amount of natural green cleaning bleaching compounds, in that water, will ensure the demise of mold spores, allergen organisms and provide a fresh, safe surface.

This is especially true for the carpets and rugs you have lovingly placed throughout your home. When germs, allergens and bacteria are tracked in from outside, they cling to the fibers comprising the exposed surface those floor coverings. They hang on until agitated, by walking or playing on them, and then become airborne, attracted to kids, pets and others and floating into other areas. We understand this and handle Pleasant Prairie, WI green cleaning, issue free.

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