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We Provide Excellent Green Cleaning Racine, WI Services

Doing all of the many tasks around your house can make for a fairly long day. This is before you add in the time necessary to go to work, take the kids to games or other school events or even a few social activities you would like to enjoy. In order to be as flexible as you would like to be, you need some help. That is why we offer the cleaning services and also why we make them green cleaning Racine, WI services.

Green Cleaning means a lot to us. We believe it means something to you as well. It is not just the green cleansers or chemicals we use that make it this way. It is all of the techniques and the designed-in processes that makes it this way. The chemicals are not the same harsh, often chemically heavy, solutions that are used by other cleaning firms, it is the very lightly infused solutions that do not contribute to the contamination load already present.

The program we design, especially for your home, means cleaning from top to bottom, thoroughly and then moving on. The kitchen is treated to a program of cleaning and sanitizing that prepares every food preparation surface for use. The appliances will be cleaned on a precise schedule that keeps everything ready for making the next meal without having to deal with food and germs hiding away waiting to contaminate your food.

Bathrooms will be handled by our trained, insured and bonded cleaners, based on the principles of cleaning and the very detailed science of sanitation. By treating the bathroom in a deliberate, thorough fashion, this room is always ready for your family and friends to feel comfortable about using.

Bedrooms, living areas, such as family, living and dining rooms are dusted, straightened up, swept and mopped or vacuumed with up to date equipment, supplies and tools and always with the processes that ensures green cleaning in Racine, WI.


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