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Why Construction Cleaning in Sturtevant, WI Is a Misunderstood Activity






There are certainly a lot of activity involved in the building of a new facility or even remodeling an older one. Each and every person working to create that dream you have for the land that has just been cleared and graded, has thing to do they have been trained and practiced for. The plumbers plumb and the electricians do things that might be considered shocking, but there is one thing they really are not prepared to do and that is clean up after themselves. That is where a Construction Cleaning in Sturtevant, WI company, such as ours comes in very handy.

Yes, all trades’ people do some cleaning as they match one surface to another, however, the overall cleaning of the whole site must be taken care of by the professionals that are trained and insured for this work. From the rough cleaning and the picking up of discarded debris and used pallets and crates, to the final cleaning needed inside just before you get it back, we have you covered with a cleaning program that helps everyone, on site, stay on top of the work they need to do.

Our Construction Cleaning in Sturtevant, WI company knows what is scheduled, based on the time line chart provided by the general contractor and we have been in the forefront of maintaining the best coordination with them. We make sure that every step of the construction cycle is followed by the right cleaning process and techniques designed over many years.

The dumpster, often called in by us, is positioned for the proper disposal of things that need this attention. It is also there for anyone who actually wants to have a safe and healthy environment for this work. It is still more than that, however, as we proceed from rakes and shovels to brooms and then vacuums, cloths and mops. The final Construction Cleaning in Sturtevant, WI, of course, means using a scrubber, scrappers and squeegees as well as a lot of glass cleaner.

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