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Window Washing In Pleasant Prairie, WI Is Just One Of The Many Chores You Can Give To Us To Do

One of the things that many home owners almost hate to do is window washing in Pleasant Prairie, WI. It can be an unpleasant task if you are not set up for it and it can take a while to do, properly.

That’s fine with us as we enjoy accomplishing this for you and we pride ourselves in being able to do this quickly and without a lot of mess. It does not even matter how many floors you have because the more the better as we help you eliminate this as one more thing you just do not need to do.

As we move through the house, cleaning the various rooms, we monitor the need for this special cleaning and will make recommendations about the frequency of this job. It can be as few as once or twice a year and could be more often. This can depend on the weather conditions, dustiness of the neighborhood and many other factors. No matter when window washing needs to happen, we are ready for it.

The cleaning of the exterior glass will be conducted in the old tradition of quality craftsmanship. The tools are a fairly simple set of items and require only a little water from one of your faucets. We get to work whether we can do it standing on the ground or from a ladder. We even bring the ladder. High levels can be cleaned using what is called a Tucker pole or a scissor lift in some situations. Very rarely do we need much more than that and we safeguard all flowers and other vegetation or foliage planted around the house.

One of the better things about our window washing Pleasant Prairie, WI service is the green cleansers we use. This is a specially formulated solution that will emulsify the dirt, dust and other, more greasy soils but will not harm grass, plants or the rest of the environment.


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