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With Us, Floor Care In Somers, WI Is Not Treated As An Afterthought

Most home cleaning companies do not spend a lot of time in designing fool proof floor care programs. We do in an effort to ensure you are happy with the work we do for you. It is not just sweeping and mopping and/or vacuuming, although that is the beginning stages. Those processes are accomplished each and every visit to you house, but we need to discuss the advanced maintenance that we can and will perform a couple times per year, as needed.

Tile floors need to be scrubbed on occasion. This is accomplished with a buffer and a surfactant that emulsifies the soils and helps smooth the tile. The buffer is equipped with a pad that serves as a slight abrasive. This will not remove the wax, if present, it simply makes the floor cleaner that a sweeping and mopping will do.

Some tile floors will need to be stripped and waxed. This is accomplished to refinish a really badly dirtied floor. The buffer is used again, with a stripping solution. One of the things about all processes we incorporate into your floor care Somers, WI program is that all chemicals, regardless of their purpose, are green certified solutions. This helps to protect the environment and your health. The sealant and or wax is also environmentally friendly and comes in several finishes, such as glossy, matte or diamond textured, depending on your preferences.

Since carpets are very popular in almost every home, we provide the deep carpet cleaning that is needed, on occasion, often every six months. A floor machine is used for this process, again with green certified solutions involved. This machine forces water, often hot, deep into the carpet fibers and brushes agitate those same fibers to remove and suspend dust, dirt and allergens so that a powerful vacuum can pull it out of the pile. This is the best way to thoroughly clean the carpets and rugs you may have in your home. Floor care in Somers, WI, as you can see, is our passion.


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